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the macro conversation: sonos cmo joy howard

Joy Howard has four guiding principles when it comes to her role as chief marketing officer at Sonos, a position she assumed in 2015…. Read More


the macro conversation: how absolut’s afdhel aziz is making ‘good’ look ‘cool’

As director of Pernod Ricard’s Absolut Vodka since 2012, Afdhel Aziz quickly became one of the most active – and influential – executives in music sponsorship…. Read More


how music sponsorship can close the $13 billion gap with sports

This year’s Super Bowl may have just missed the mark of the most-watched TV event ever, but it will still go down as a record year for the music industry. More than ever before, music was front and center of many of the most talked-about spots… Read More


10 things We Loved at SXSW

The MAC Team invaded Austin for a week packed with events, brand experiences and speaking engagements. MAC President Marcie Allen and VP Andrew Hampp hosted “Good Is The New Cool”… Read More


the macro conversation: how sxsw sponsorship drives measurable results for mazda’s russell wager

When it comes to automotive brands and music, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda have been the biggest spenders at tentpoles like Super Bowl, Grammys and the Oscars to drive mass reach about their latest vehicles. Read More


the macro conversation: catching up with geoff cottrill

During the past eight years at Converse, Geoff Cottrill gave new meaning to the phrase” rock-star CMO.” Read More


How pop stars make money now

The week of July 2, 2015 marked a turning point for the music industry. Not only was it the first week that album releases moved to Friday from Tuesday, it was also the same week that Taylor Swift’s 1989… Read More


Disney and Nickelodeon Stars Gone Pop: A Power Ranking

It’s been 16 years since the last tsunami of ex-Disney stars engulfed pop music with ‘N Sync (and Justin Timberlake), Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera… Read More


Super Bowl Synch Report 2016:
Classic Rock, Hip-Hop Score Big In Another Record Year

Beyonce may have been the runaway winner of the Pepsi Halftime Show, with her surprise announcement of The World Formation Tour, but what about the ads? The top four music publishers reported another banner year in commercial… Read More


Andrew At CES

CES, which took place January 5-9 in Las Vegas, is the tech industry’s most grand display of its New Year’s Resolutions. Those who surrendered to the crowds, the hype and the overbooked hotels caught an in-person glimpse…
Read More