Foo Fighters Garage Tour Presented by BlackBerry (2011)

To launch the BlackBerry Playbook during the key promotional timeframe, MAC Presents created a program to coincide with the release of Foo Fighters’ album “Wasting Light,” which was recorded in Dave Grohl’s garage.

MAC Presents produced the Foo Fighters Garage Tour presented by BlackBerry, which brought unforgettable rock concerts to fans. As part of the sponsorship, BlackBerry created a contest that offered eight winners the chance to host a private concert with Foo Fighters in their garages.

Footage was captured at each show and edited into a short video that was posted online and promoted by BlackBerry and Foo Fighters. BlackBerry received a tremendous amount of press and online traffic as a result of the Garage Tour, generating millions of consumer impressions.

The partnership linked BlackBerry with the #1 album in the country during the promotion’s run in April 2011.