MAC Office: New York City

Experience: A pioneer at the intersection of music and communications for two decades prior to joining MAC in 2017, Jessica was’s managing editor for seven years from 2007 to 2014, and most recently, she held editor-in-chief roles at Fuse television network, where she also served as vice president of digital, and at Live Nation’s Jessica also previously spent several years as an editor at Spin, where she was on the forefront of the brand’s digital efforts. In addition to her full-time roles, Jessica’s work has appeared in The Hollywood Reporter, Vibe, Premiere among many other publications, in addition to being a go-to Pearl Jam musicologist who has consulted on the band’s Cameron Crowe-directed documentary, guested on the band’s Sirius XM station, and written liner notes for the Sony reissue of their catalog.

Super Power: The ability to recall the exact date and venue of every single one of the thousands of concerts she’s attended in her life, including 161 Pearl Jam gigs

Coffee Order: Extra large bodega coffee

Favorite Quote: “I know I was born and I know that I’ll die; the in-between is mine.” -Eddie Vedder

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