jody hall

chief operating officer
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Jody is MAC’s COO. For those hailing from corporate America, this acronym instantly brings to mind the following: bean counter, views the world in black-and-white spreadsheets, employs financial jargon when speaking, no sense of adventure and no sense of humor. However, much like a lot of things at MAC Presents, our COO shatters that stereotype.

Jody grew up in the mountains of rural Arizona, where after high school she performed keyboards and was lead singer with her eponymous band, chasing big dreams of rock country stardom. That dream eventually led her to Nashville, where she found she was equally adept at affairs of the financial kind.

Today, with more than 25 years of experience in business management, accounting, and financial planning, Jody keeps MAC on the path of financial righteousness, ensuring the programs we develop for our clients operate efficiently and within budget. She’s a fierce negotiator, a whiz at working with numbers, and an effective strategic planner. Rock star or not, she’s a smashing success to us!